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Category : others
Version : 5.0.6
Views : 95484 Views
Ratings : 3.750 out of 5
Votes : 4 Votes
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Overview XMS is Easy, almost everything on the web is xml, isn't it? This opens new ways of using data, I mean everything on the internet can be considered a datasource, and there are plenty of them. XMS is an online visual web development enviroment and framework, providing a web application base, with multi language support, based on XML.


  • Aws Designer: One tool for all operations
    • Build applications
    • Create multi language support
    • Create / edit configuration
    • Template generator and editor
    • Bulk processing
    • Even create you own rss news

  • Onsite programming
    • Using aws Designer you can create new applications or edit existing ones remotely, without using special software or any other resource.
    • You can even use a public computer, log into designer on your site and move on.

  • More data sources
    • Any html/xml page on your site, or anywhere on internet, can be used as data source.

  • Less study
    • You don't need to spend too much time learning dozens of classes, functions and browsing a bushy documentation.
    • You only have to understand how an aws application is working (takes less that 10 minutes) and use Designer rules manager to build a new application.
    • Can be easily used with any other framework and most of the time only basics of php coding is enough; In addition this software provides a "visual" framework (directives and filters) and only two classes awsXML (for xml files/datasources) and awsHTML (for html files/datasources)

  • Templates generated automatically
    • You don't have to loose time building templates, because Designer does this for you!!
    • With simply one click of a button you can import any html page from your mockup or anywhere on the web.

  • Easy to extend
    • You can define your own directives in application processor.

  • Easy to share
    • Each application can be used as code library or templates container.