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Category : blogs
Version : 2.6.4
Views : 118750 Views
Ratings : 0.000 out of 5
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Overview Pebble is a lightweight, open source, Java EE blogging tool. It's small, fast and feature-rich with unrivalled ease of installation and use. Blog content is stored as XML files on disk and served up dynamically, so there's no need to install a database. All maintenance and administration can be performed through your web browser, making Pebble ideal for anybody who is constantly on the move or doesn't have direct access to their host.


  • Posting and management of content through your web browser, including rich text editor support.
  • Blogger and MetaWeblog API interface included for posting content via compatible tools.
  • Categorisation of content into multiple hierarchical categories.
  • Tagging of content and a generation of a tagcloud.
  • RSS enclosures for distributing files or podcasting.
  • Simple content publication workflow.
Reader responses
  • Reader responses, in the form of threaded comments and MovableType TrackBacks.
  • E-mail notifications when new responses are received.
  • Pluggable moderation, spam detection and CAPTCHA support.
  • Bulk response management features to approve/reject/remove comments and TrackBacks.
Web-based Adminstration
  • Management of your blog via a web browser.
  • File management and the ability to upload arbitary files and images.
  • Capture of blog referers, requests and logs for viewing or export.
  • Customizable regex based referer filters to combat referer spam.
  • RSS 2.0, RDF and Atom 1.0 feeds for blog entries and responses.
  • Category and tag specific newsfeeds.
  • Syndicate external newsfeeds.
  • PubSubHubBub support via plugin
  • View blog entries by permalink, day or month. * Navigate through your blog entries in several ways, including a locale-aware calendar control. * Text based and advanced searching.
Team, project, multi-user blogs and security
  • Multiple people can contribute to a single blog.
  • Multiple people can contribute to a single blog.
  • Host more than a single blog for a project, group or community.
  • Integrate Pebble with your existing security infrastructure (e.g. LDAP, Active Directory, RDBMS, etc).
  • Login using any OpenID provider.
  • Content in international character sets such as UTF-8.
  • Publication of content aligned with your timezone, regardless of where your host is based.
  • Locale sensitive delivery of dates, times and numbers.
Plugin APIs
  • Permalink Providers let you customize the format of your permalinks.
  • Content Decorators let you customize how blog entries are displayed.
  • Blog Listeners let you write Java code that is called when your blog starts up and shuts down.
  • Blog Entry Listeners let you write Java code that is called when blog entries are added, removed, published and unpublished.